Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So Much for Spring

Spring arrived on Sunday. Then it snowed on Monday, but at least it melted fast. Today it snowed, sleeted, and we had freezing rain and, I think, hail. Not to mention thunder and lightning. It was definitely an indoor day as far as I was concerned.

Hopefully tomorrow will be nicer because I want to go to the library to study. I went yesterday and it worked out better than trying to study at home. Not so many distractions. Besides, I got e-mails telling me that 3 of the books I had reserved had come in.

I worked on stitching my second green Tis the Season block and it's just about finished. I couldn't resist putting the borders on the first block to see how it would look. Here it is, and I love it.

Justin is still out somewhere and I'm a little worried about him driving in the mess outside. He leaves tomorrow for his job in Boston. It's shorter than I had thought, just a long weekend.

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