Friday, February 25, 2011

Slowly, slowly

Progress has been made of the Stalker cat pillow for #2 son Brian, but not a lot. We didn't see him on his birthday and probably won't for another week so I have a bit of a reprieve.

Meanwhile, I am getting organized for the 'Tis the Season stitch along. I have chosen my fabrics, cut out the backgrounds and most of the borders for the blocks. Today I purchased fabric for the inner border and interfacing for backing the stitcheries. I had some interfacing, but not enough. I still have to trace the patterns onto the background fabric, cut the interfacing and iron it onto the backgrounds and finish the cutting of the block borders. I was planning to trace today during daylight, but it turned out to be a dark, rainy day. Maybe I'll trace tomorrow if it's brighter out.

The rain is melting a lot of the accumulated snow. Maybe we'll be able to see the yard soon. It's been buried under snow since the day after Christmas. Some low spots are flooding from the runoff, but nothing to cause great concern.

I wanted to include a photograph of my progress so far on these projects, but #3 son borrowed my camera yesterday and hasn't returned it. He's stage managing a show currently. Between that and his job, he's gone 17-18 hours a day. He must be exhausted. This is the final weekend for the show, so he'll be able to rest soon. I'm proud of him for working so hard, but as his mother, I worry too.

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Chookyblue...... said...

sounds like you getting all ready for the start of TTS SAL on Tuesday..........